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Serving this industry began as a Certified Nail Technician in 2003, An Akzentz Certified Educator (2009), Nail Salon proprietor (2010) and now THE NAIL COACH (2020)

My name is Anjanette and it is my pleasure to take your nail tech career to the next level with expert coaching for nail techs.

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My Story

Transitioning from a partnership with my sister, I needed something to do.  With very little thought, I decided to go to Beauty Schools of America, Miami, Florida with an interest only in pedicures.  

I was a corporate girl, unemployed, and ventured into an industry I did not know.   10 weeks and I had completed the requirement for Certification as a Nail Technician.  From that exposure and experience, my takeaway was one thought to 'enhance the industry'. 

WE ALL START AT THE BOTTOM- I needed customers, equipment, supplies, and a strategy to grow.  With few customers i.e. family members, and doing my own nails, word quickly spread, I was working from home at this time and was not making enough to go full-time.  So while building my clientele, I had to go back to my 9-5, so working by appointment only was my only option.

Eventually, I had outgrown working from home, with customers on a waitlist, and gel nail services in demand, sharing my knowledge and expertise with my fellow Nail technicians was the next step.  I then became an AKZENTZ CERTIFIED EDUCATOR.

I KNEW NOTHING - What I knew of the industry was that, although this service is highly sought after, how we operate and approach the business could use some attention.  Most other mainstream industries have operation guidelines but our industry does not.  

In most product-based businesses, there are brands from premium to inferior.  Personally, I prefer brand names like, Kelloggs, Apple, Samsung, Gucci - brands protect their integrity and have a reputation to safe-guard. 

The products I use for my valuable customers are industry leaders, with performance guarantees and an exceptional reputation in the industry.

GOAL - THE NAIL COACH is focused on assisting Nail Technicians on how to build their business geared to serve clients at the highest level and simultaneously structure how to operate in like manner as other conglomerates. There is a whole lot of education out there focusing on skill enhancement. THE NAIL COACH focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspect of your business, acknowledging that without structure your business will not experience the success you seek.


Connect with THE NAIL COACH

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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