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Everything is so expensive!!!

Just could not afford it!

When I started that’s what I recited about a lot of things.

An industry newbie, trying to build my clientele and afford products was daunting. My first gel polish was Options Chai (By Akzentz). It cost $12.95 at the time which seemed beyond my reach. Then when gel polish in the bottle came along I thought I would never be able to afford it at $16.95 a bottle.

This ‘limited’ belief mindset gripped me.

Everything else seemed unattainable: more products, equipment, building my clientele, acquiring a business license, opening a nail salon and on and on…

Fast forward…..

Now, as Akzentz Authorized Distributor and Educator Small business owner Clientele that I never dreamed of Online store Coaching for Nail Techs

…..more to come as I am not done yet!!

So, let go of that ‘limiting belief’

In short, your limiting belief will keep you away for accomplishing your goals.

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