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Bouquet - A classic rose shade embellished with mesmerizing color-shifting glitter. Marvel at the graceful transition as the glitters change from soft pink to bright purple. With its romantic allure and sophisticated charm, Bouquet adds a touch of floral enchantment.

Promise - A milky white adorned with captivating color-shifting glitter. Watch a magical transformation as the glitters change from delicate hues of gold and pink to teal. Promise delivers a touch of ethereal beauty.

Veil - A peachy–nude hue adorned with mesmerizing color-sifting glitter. Watch as the glimmering particles dance gracefully and transition from soft shades of pink to radiant bursts of orange.

Available in a limited edition mini set as well as the normal full size bottles.

Luxio is 100% pure gel that is odorless and solvent free. Because it is not mixed with polish like some other brands, it offers more durability without any of the traditional side effects.

Extraordinary UV/LED soak off gel in a polish bottle. Discover the perfect gel manicure or pedicure with color and shine that lasts for weeks on the nail without any chipping, cracking or lifting.

100% PURE GEL - no solvents or odor

Excellent bond

Soaks off in 10 minutes


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